The philosophy of the textbooks

Coaching students for performance, leveraging technology.

Strategic Education is focussed on providing educational resource which leverage colour, design, coaching, story, metaphor and explicit commentary on assessment in order to assist students understand course content and perform in assessment contexts.

Full syllabus coverage is provided for the NESA syllabuses of Commerce, Business Studies and Economics.

The textbooks are designed to meet the need of prescribed texts for student cohorts in NSW.

Integrating and leveraging technology easily

Each of the textbooks have a companion website which is available to students both on computers and mobile devices. These provide a range of additional resources, including pdfs files of the chapters, quizlet flashcard decks, workbooks and chapter review answers (for Economics and Business Studies) and access to all of the QR code resources in the books. For Business Studies, this also includes syllabus trainers and for economics (and the economics content within Commerce) it includes simulators for every graph and calculation which is required in the course, and continuously updated statistics and graphs for the Australian economy.

QR codes are used extensively in the books, which can be easily accessed in three ways:

  • using a phone to scan the QR code
  • clicking the QR code in the pdf of the chapters
  • visiting the book website and selecting QR in the navigation and entering the short text code which is presented in the book beneath the QR code

Short video explainer for Commerce, website and QR codes

Short video explainer for Economics and Business Studies, website and QR codes

What is the history of these textbooks?

I wrote these textbooks because as a teacher in a leading independent boys school I was not satisfied with the offerings in the market, and first started with publishing an online revision and teacher resource for economics as a subscription website, hsceco almost a decade ago. Then five years ago I commenced with a Year 11 Economics text, then Year 12, then the Business Studies texts, and then the Commerce text completed for first use in 2022. The 2022 editions of the texts all have QR code and bespoke website support, and the resources of hsceco have been incorporated into the textbooks and the separate subscription website is no longer available.

The economics texts are in their fifth and fourth editions in 2022 (Prelim and HSC), and the Business Studies texts are in their second editions in 2022, with small content changes in the second edition (for example labour market changes or changes to liquidation laws) and the introduction of the QR codes and website with the second edition. The Commerce text, for the current (new) commerce syllabus in NSW was first published in January 2022.

The texts are being used in a range of leading schools in the private and public sectors, in country and in city contexts.

The pages for each of the textbooks have small video overviews which are a good way to start having a look.

A philosophy of improvement and impact

My goal is to create the best, most useful, educational resources for teachers and students for these subjects, and if you have thoughts for improvements they are always welcomed. The economics texts are always updated with a new edition each year, and the bespoke website nature of the texts means that additional resources can be easily and rapidly integrated.