Strategic Business Studies HSC

Addressing the NESA syllabus for Business Studies.

A technology enabled exploration of the four key business functions and the decisions taken by managers of those functions to respond to changes in the internal and external business environment. Product details:

  • ISBN: 9781636840949
  • Pages: 412
  • Price: $95 - will move to $99 in August 2023
  • First edition, 2020, second edition with QR codes 2021
  • QR code enabled? Yes
  • Bespoke website for book for use on computers and mobile devices? Yes
  • Full colour? Yes
  • Quizlet flashcards? Yes
  • Hyperlinked syllabus for revision? Yes
  • Syllabus trainer? Yes
  • Online workbook? Yes
  • Chapter review answers? Yes
  • Author: Matthew Parsons

Strategic Business Studies HSC takes a fresh look at the teaching of the Business Studies course with an emphasis on explanation and infographics and understanding the similarities and differences between the content in the key busniess functions in the syllabus.

Not a blizzard of case studies that impair understanding

Whilst real business examples are regularly used throughout the text, these are not presented in a way which impairs understanding of the students and interrupt their building of a mental model of the content. Time is taken to explain how the content fits together, and the rationale behind business adopting certain frameworks and processes. Throughout the text are a diverse range of designed infographics which are explained with video elements to assist learners conceptualise and remember the various elements of the syllabus.

Starter resources for case study research

In relation to each of the four key business functions, the strategy web page contains a range of canned searches and web links to identify case studies which have metrics in relation to the outcomes. In this way, students have primary carriage of research and identification of suitable case studies, however have been assisted in that by being directed towards quality materials.

QR code enabled with videos, explanations and simulations

One of the key features of Strategic Business Studies HSC is the way QR codes appear in the printed text which provide access to a range of additional carefully selected or constructive resources. In some cases, the QR code is linked to appropriate video or other content on the interenet, or it may link to narrated explanations of the content or graphics in the text. In the case of statistical graphs and data, the QR codes link to updated graphs and statistics. In the commerce context, a range of outstanding materials have been provided by government and government institutions, which have therefore been leveraged in the text to make it easier for location and usage by teachers and students. A complete list of the QR codes for each chapter appears in the web page for the chapter on the bus spoke website.

Digital resources made easy to access and use

The bespoke website approach enables very easy access to content by teachers and students. Using the code in the front of the textbook, students and teachers have a one time authentication process and thereafter do not need to login with passwords or usernames, which applies both to mobile devices as well as to their computers. It is suggested that teachers and students add a bookmark for the bespoke website for the book to their bookmarks bar in their browser and also to the home screen on their mobile device or phone. This means that when the QR codes are used, the target resource is opened without any requirement for authentication or passwords.

Short video explainer